Volume 26 - Issue 3 - February 1994

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Fermat's last theorem-a theorem at last
   Roger Cook
   pp. 65-73

An introduction to Steiner systems
   Mike Grannell, Terry Griggs
   pp. 74-80

A note on Wilson's theorem
   H. Sazegar
   pp. 81-82

On a theorem of Liouville
   pp. 83-84

The Smarandache function
   pp. 84-85

The epi/hypocycloid
   J. H. Littlewood
   pp. 86-88

Computer column
   Mike Piff
   pp. 88-89

Letter to the Editor: On a formula of Ramanujan
   H. K. Krishnapriyan
   p. 90

Letter to the Editor: The Smarandache function-a previous existence
   David Singmaster
   p. 90

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 91-92

Book review: Exploring Mathematics with Your Computer
   by A. Engel (Mathematical Association of America, 1993)
   Gregory D. Economides
   pp. 93-94

Book review: The Wohascum County Problem Book
   by G. T. Gilbert, M. I. Krusemeyer. L. C. Larson (Wiley, 1992)
   (Mathematical Assocation of America, 1993)
   Camilla Jordan
   pp. 94-95

Book review: Groups by M. Cartwright
   (Macmillan, 1993)
   Paul Phillips, Thomas Womack
   pp. 95-96

Other books received:
   Generalized Vector and Dyadic Analysis by C. Tai 
   (IEEE Press, 1992)
   Algebra by T. T. Moh (World Scientific Publishing Co, 1992) 
   Advanced Level Mathematics by R. C. Solomon
   (DP Publications Ltd, 1992)
   Advanced Level Mathematics Revision Course by R. C. Solomon
   (DP Publications Ltd, 1993)
   Business Mathematics and Statistics by A. Francis
   (DP Publications Ltd, 1993)
   Finite Difference Equations by H. Levy, F. Lessman (Dover, 1992)
   Greek Mathematical Thought and the Origin of Algebra by J. Klein
   (Dover, 1992)
   p. 96