Volume 26 - Issue 2 - November 1993

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Mathematical Spectrum awards for Volume 25
   p. 33

A network of minimum length
   John MacNeill
   pp. 33-39

The Smarandache function
   Constantin Dumitrescu
   pp. 39-40

Stacking boxes
   David Sharpe
   pp. 40-43

Law, food and geometry
   Philip Chatwin, Leo Katan
   pp. 44-49

Summing the series $\sum-{r=1}^{n}r$ and 
   $\sum-{r=1}^{n}r^2$ using Pascal's identity
   Seyamak Jarari
   pp. 50-51

A proof of the arithmetic-geometric mean inequality
   Alexander Abian, Esfandiar Eslami
   pp. 52-54

Computer column
   Mike Piff
   p. 55

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 56-59

Book review: Decision and Discrete Mathematics
   by C. Compton, G. Rigby (Hodder and Stoughton, 1992)
   Dylan Menzies-Gow
   p. 60

Book review: What's Happening in the Mathematical Sciences 
   Volume 1 (American Mathematical Society)
   David Sharpe
   pp. 60-61

Book review: Harrap's Maths Mini Dictionary
   Edited by N. Andrews (Chambers, 1993) 
   David Sharpe
   p. 61

Book review: George Green Mathematician and Physicist 1793-1841:
   The Background to his Life and Work by D. M. Cannell  
   (Athlone Press, 1993) 
   David Sharpe
   pp. 61-62

Book review: MEI: Statistics Book I by A. Eccles, A. Graham, R. Porkess
   (Hodder Stoughton, 1993) 
   Carol Nixon
   pp. 62-63

Book review: The Magic of Numbers by E. T. Bell
   (Dover Publications, 1991) 
   Roger Webster
   p. 63

Other books received:
   Theory of Approximation by N. I. Achieser (Dover, 1992)
   Mathematical Byways by H. ApSimon (Oxford University Press, 1991) 
   Singular Integral Equations by N. I. Muskhelishvili (Dover, 1992) 
   Linear Algebra: A Geometric Approach by E. Sernesi 
   (Chapman and Hall, 1993) 
   The Development of Mathematics by E. T. Bell (Dover 1992)
   Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by E. A. Abbott
   (Dover, 1992)  
   Mathematical Morphology and Image Processing  
   by E. R. Dougherty (Marcel Dekker, 1993)  
   Mathematics Dictionary (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1992)
   Number Words and Number Symbols: A Cultural History in Numbers
   by K. Menninger (Dover, 1992) 
   pp. 63-64