Volume 25 - Issue 4 - May 1993

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Women in mathematics
   Pat Dugard
   pp. 97-105

Knights' tours without counts
   Brian R. Stonebridge
   pp. 106-109

From stamps to Diophantine equations
   Ian Tame
   pp. 110-112

Golden Pentagons
   K. R. S. Sastry
   pp. 113-118

   Des McHale
   pp. 118-119

Letter to the Editor: APR
   A. O. Sands
   p. 120

Letter to the Editor: Solution of financial equations by
   fixed-price iteration 
   A. V. Boyd
   pp. 120-122

Letter to the Editor: Happy numbers
   Anand Kumar
   pp. 122-123

Letter to the Editor: Problem 24.7
   Jeremy Bygott
   p. 123

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 124-126

Book review: New Applications of Mathematics
   Edited by C. Bondi (Penguin, 1991)
   Mark French
   p. 127

Book review: The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and
   Interesting Geometry by D. Wells (Penguin, 1991)
   John MacNeill
   pp. 127-128

Other books received:
   Mathematical Methods and Theory in Games, Programming and 
   Economics by S. Carlin (Dover, 1992)
   On Formally Undecidable Propositions of Principa Mathematica 
   and Related Systems by K. Gödel (Dover, 1992) 
   Elements of the Topology of Plane Sets of Points  
   by M. H. A. Newman (Dover, 1992) 
   Methods of Applied Mathematics  
   by F. B. Hildebrand (Dover, 1992)
   p. 128