Volume 24 - Issue 2 - November 1991

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Mathematical Spectrum awards for Volume 23
   p. 33

Charles Babbage: the man behind the machines
   Roger Webster
   pp. 33-41

All that glisters: an old story retold as a cautionary tale
   R. Haydock
   pp. 42-47

Finite Fibonacci sequences
   I. M. Richards
   pp. 48-53

Factorizing the differential operator
   Oliver Johnson
   p. 54

Home and away
   David Sharpe
   pp. 55-56

Computer column
   Mike Piff
   p. 56

Letter to the Editor: Summing powers of integers
   Joseph McLean
   p. 57

Letter to the Editor: Weed v reed
   Jeremy Bygott
   pp. 57-58

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 59-61

Book review: Problem Solving Series (Booklets 1-5)
   by D. Holton (The Mathematical Association, 1990)
   Les Short
   pp. 61-62

Book review: Core Maths for A-level  by L. Bostock, S Chandler
   (Stanley Thornes (Publishers) Ltd, 1990)
   Paul Belcher
   p. 63

Book review: Examples in A-level Core Mathematics
   by E. Smith (Stanley Thornes (Publishers) Ltd, 1990) 
   Paul Belcher
   p. 63

Book review: A Guide to Numerical Analysis
   by P. R. Turner (Macmillan, 1989) 
   Dominic Symes
   p. 64

Other books received:
   A Concise Course in A-level Statistics by J. Crawshaw, J, Chambers 
   (Stanely Thornes, 1990)
   Collins Gem Basic Facts: Mathematics (Collins, 1991) 
   Probabilistic Causality by E. Eells 
   (Cambridge University Press, 1991) 
   Problems in Mathematical Analysis by P Biler, A. Witkowski 
   (Marcel Dekker, 1990) 
   Personal Mathematics and Computing: Tools for the Liberal Arts  
   Edited by F. Wattenberg (MIT Press, 1990) 
   What is Mathematical Logic? by J. Crossley et al 
   (Dover, 1991) 
   Statistics: Concepts and Controversies, third edition  
   by D. S. Moore (W. H. Freeman, 1991)  
   A Primer in Probability, second edition  
   by K. Subramanian (Marcel Dekker, 1990)
   p. 64