Volume 24 - Issue 1 - September 1991

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Leopold Kronecker: a great gentleman in science
   Hazel Perfect
   pp. 1-7

I love a mystery, or never mind the answer feel the question
   Keith Austin
   pp. 8-12

   J. C. C. Leach
   pp. 1314

A class of constant-period paths
   G. de Visme
   pp. 1417

Polygonal numbers
   Joseph McLean
   pp. 18-21

Computer column
   Mike Piff
   p. 22

Letter to the Editor: Weed v reed
   Barry Christian
   p. 23

Letter to the Editor: Powers of numbers equal to the sum of 
   consecutive integers
   Bob Bertuello
   pp. 23-24

Letter to the Editor: The Gudermannian funtion
   Alan Fearnehough
   p. 25

Letter to the Editor: Summing powers of integers
   A. F. D. Edwards
   p. 25

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 26-28

Book review: The Oxford Minidictionary of Mathematics 
   by M. Wardle (Oxford University Press, 1990)
   David J. Yates
   p. 29

Book review: The Sacred Beetle and Other Great Essays in Science
   Essays selected by M. Gardner (Oxford University Press, 1990)
   I. M. Richards
   p. 29

Book review: Statistics: The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections
   by S. T. Coffin (Oxford University Press, 1990)
   John MacNeill
   pp. 30-31

Book review: Galois Theory (second edition) by I. Stewart
   (Chapman and Hall, 1989)
   Nick MacKinnon
   p. 31

Book review: Does God Play Dice?
   by I. Stewart (Penguin Books, 1990)
   G. N. Thwaites
   p. 32

Book review: The Magic of Number
   by K. R. Imeson (1989)
   Amites Sarkar
   p. 32