Volume 23- Issue 4 - May 1991

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Patterns and primes in Bernoulli's triangle
   A. W. F. Edwards
   pp. 105-109

Two binomial identities
   Roger Cook
   pp. 110-112

Visualization of the Gleichniszahlen-Reihe, an unusual
   number sequence
   Clifford A. Pickover, Elahe Khorasani
   pp. 113-115

Summing powers of integers
   Oliver D. Anderson
   pp. 116-121

Powerless polynomials
   K. Prakash
   p. 121

Probability and epidemiology
   Hardeo Sahai
   pp. 122-126

The 'inverse' differential equation
   Pierino Gattei
   pp. 127-131

Infinity and geometry
   Joseph Rosenblatt
   pp. 132-136

Computer column
   Mike Piff
   p. 137

Letter to the Editor: Powerless arithmetic progressions
   Douglas Quadling
   p. 138

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 138-140

Book review: Makers of Mathematics
   by S. Hollingdale (Penguin, 1989)
   D. W. Sharpe
   p. 141

Book review: Guide to Mathematical Modelling
   by D. Edwards, M. Hamson (Macmillan Education, 1989)
   Amites Sarkar
   pp. 141-142

Book review: Computer-Aided Engineering Mathematics   
   by M. S. Townend, D. C. Pountney (Ellis Horwood, 1989)
   John MacNeill
   p. 142

Book review: Figuring by S. Devi   
   (Penguin, 1990)
   D. T. Kuyper
   pp. 142-143

Book review: A Dictionary of Real Numbers
   by J. Borwein, P. Borwein (Wadsworth and Brooks/Cole, 1990)
   R. J. Webster
   p. 143

Book review: The Mathematics of Games
   by J. D. Beasley (Oxford University Press, 1989)
   Gregory D. Edonomides
   pp. 143-144

Book review: Experiments in Topology by S. Barr
   (Dover, 1989)
   G. N. Thwaites
   p. 144