Volume 22 - Issue 2 - January 1990

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Mathematical Spectrum awards for Volume 21
   p. 37

Pop Maths Roadshow
   Hilary Ockendon
   pp. 37-38

Modelling Monopoly
   Nick Mackinnon
   pp. 39-42

A locus in the complex plane
   Christopher Ash
   pp. 43-47

An approximate and simple method of trisecting an
   acute angle
   Rhada Perumal Ramasamy
   pp. 48-49

Divisibility by 7
   Y. L. Cheung
   pp. 50-53

Expectation in a sudden-death situation
   D. J. Colwell, J. R. Gillett, B. C. Jones
   pp. 54-57

Self-median triangles
   K. R. S. Sastry
   pp. 58-60

Computer column
   Mike Piff
   p. 61

Letter to the Editor: π from Pascal's triangle
   Alan Fearnehough
   pp. 62-63

Letter to the Editor: Matrices and Fibonacci Numbers
   Norman Routledge
   p. 63

Letter to the Editor: Ramanujan's third problem
   John MacNeill
   pp. 64-65

Letter to the Editor: Perfect boxes
   W. B. Bonnor
   p. 65

Letter to the Editor: Cyclic numbers
   Esmaeel Babaki
   pp. 65-66

Letter to the Editor: Hidden powers
   Amites Sarkar
   p. 66

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 67-71

Book review: An Olympiad Down Under
   Edited by W. P. Galvin, D. C. Hunt, P. J. O'Halloran
   (Australian Mathematics Competion Publications, 1988)
   G. N. Thwaites
   p. 72

Book review: Fractal Report
   Reeves Telecommunications Laboratories Ltd 
   Peter Dixon
   pp. 72-73

Book review: The Puzzling Adventures of Dr Ecco
   by D. Shasha (W. H. Freeman and Company, 1988) 
   Victor Bryant
   p. 73

Book review: Whys & Wherefores
   by M. Gardner (The University of Chicago Press, 1989)
   Jonathan Pinhey
   p. 73

Book review: Guide to Linear Algebra 
   by D. A. Towers (Macmillan Eduction, 1988)
   Peter Rowlands
   p. 74

Book review: Guide to Analysis
   by M. Hart (Macmillan Eduction, 1988)
   I. M. Richards
   pp. 74-75

Book review: Guide to Abstract Algebra
   by C. Whitehead (Macmillan Eduction, 1988)
   Victor Clarke
   p. 75

Book review: Mathematics for the Biosciences
   by A. C. Nenell, M. J. Bazin (Ellis Horwood Ltd, 1988)
   Camilla Jordan
   p. 76

Book review: Advanced Level Mathematics
   by R. C. Solomon (DP Publications Ltd, 1988)
   Gregory D. Economides
   p. 76