Volume 22 - Issue 1 - September 1989

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Augustin-Louis Cauchy
   Frank Smithies
   pp. 1-6

Recurring decimals
   Oliver D Anderson
   pp. 7-10

Get lost!
   J. N. MacNeill
   pp. 1112

Sample size - it crops up like a bad penny
   P. J. Cheek
   pp. 1316

The convergence of the sequence ({1+1/n}ⁿ)
   Liang Shi-Lui
   pp. 17-18

Musings on an interesting sequence
   Chris Nash
   pp. 19-22

Bertrand's box paradox
   Oliver D Anderson
   p. 23

Great lengths and hidden powers
   Keith Devlin
   pp. 24-25

Conway's $10,000 challenge
   David Yates
   pp. 25-27

Computer column
   Mike Piff
   p. 27

Letter to the Editor: Right-angled triangles
   S. Maloney
   p. 28

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 28-32

Book review: Invitation to Mathematics
   by J. Bowers (Basil Blackwell, 1988)
   Peter Rowlands
   pp. 32-33

Book review: Forever Undecided: A Puzzle Guide to Gödel
   by R. Sullyman (Oxford University Press, 1988)
   Chris Nash
   p. 33

Book review: Mathematics and the Unexpected
   by I. Ekeland (University of Chicago Press, 1988)
   Christopher Ash
   pp. 33-34

Book review: Learning and Doing Mathematics
   by J. H. Mason (Macmillan, 1988)
   Chris Nash
   p. 34

Book review: Fifty Challenging Problems in Probability
   with Solutions by F. Mosteller (Dover Publications Inc, 1987)
   N. J. Shea
   p. 35

Book review: Modelling and Projectiles
   by D. Hart, T. Croft (Ellis Horwood Ltd, 1988)
   R. J. Webster
   p. 35

Book review: Elementary Decision Theory
   by H. Chernoff, L. E. Moses (Dover Publications Inc)
   D. J. Colwell, J. R. Gillett
   p. 35

Book review: Concise Statistics by M. T. Godrey,
   E. M. Roebuck, A. J. Sherlock (Edward Arnold, 1988)
   Alan Fearnehough
   p. 36

Book review: Mathematical Modelling Courses Editors J. S. Berry,
   D. N. Burghes, I. D. Huntley, D. J. G. James, A. O. Moscardini 
   (Ellis Horwood Ltd, 1987)
   D. M. Burley
   p. 36