Volume 2 - Issue 2 - Spring 1970

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The mathematical mind
   Mary L. Cartwright
   pp. 37-45

Sums of sets of integers
   Ivan Niven
   pp. 45-50

Plane and coloured
   S. Vajda
   pp. 51-53

A problem on convex quadrilaterals
   F. R. Watson
   pp. 5457

A probabilistic triangle problem
   L. Rade
   pp. 57-64

The promotion problem
   D. J. Bartholomew
   pp. 6568

Issoselease triangles
   T. M. Flett
   pp. 6869

Letter to the Editor
   Cynthia James
   p. 69

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 70–72

Book review: Probability Theory by H. E. Kyburg
   (Prentice Hall, 1969)
   F. Downton
   p. 73

Book review: Mathematical Snapshots by H. Steinhaus
   (Oxford University Press, 1969)
   E. J. F. Primrose
   p. 73

Book review: Modern Coordinate Geometry. A Wesleyan 
   Experimental Curricular Study by Pearl Glaubiger and others
   (Houghton Mifflin, 1969)
   J. A.Tyrell
   p. 73

Book review: Basic Algebraic Concepts by F. Lynwood Wren,  
   John W. Lyndsay (McGraw-Hill, 1969)
   A. J. Weir
   pp. 73-74

Book review: Educational Studies in Mathematics   
   (D. Reidel, 1968)
   A. W. Bell
   pp. 74

Notes on Contributors
   p. 75