Volume 21 - Issue 2 - January 1989

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Mathematical Spectrum awards for Volume 20
   p. 37

The life and work of H. E. Dudeney
   Angela Newing
   pp. 37-44

An algebra of points
   Guido Lasters
   pp. 44-45

An iterative method of construction
   Peter O'Grady
   pp. 46-48

Summing the series 1/1^2 + 1/2^2 + 1/3 ^2 + ...
   Nicholas Shea
   pp. 49-55

My logical lady
   Keith Austin
   pp. 55-58

Computer column
   Mike Piff
   pp. 59-60

Letter to the Editor: Mathematics versus chemistry
   F. P. Lynch
   p. 61

Letter to the Editor: Factorisation
   Joseph McLean
   pp. 61-62

Letter to the Editor: Pythagorean triangles
   Paul de Sa
   pp. 62-63

Letter to the Editor: A factorial identity from difference tables
   Peter Rowlands
   pp. 63-64

Letter to the Editor: Twin primes
   V. I. Istr─âtescu
   pp. 64-65

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 65-68

Book review: The Recursive Universe
   by W. Poundstone (Oxford Paperbacks, 1987)
   David Roscoe
   p. 69

Book review: Taxicab Geometry: An Adventure in 
   Non-Euclidian Geometry by E. F. Krause (Dover Publications, 1986) 
   G. B. Attwood
   p. 69

Book review: Inroduction in Statistics. A Computer Illustrated Text
   by A. W. Bowman, D. R. Robinson (Adam Hilger, 1987) 
   Carol Nixon
   p. 70

Book review: A First Course in Coding Theory
   by R. Hill (Clarendon Press, 1986)
   R. Y. Sharp
   pp. 70-71

Book review: Mathematical Rereations and Essays 
   by W. W. Rouse Ball, H. S. M. Coxeter (Dover Publications, 1987)
   Chris du Feu
   pp. 71-72

Book review: Time Travel and other Mathematical Bewilderments
   by M. Gardner (W. H. Freeman, 1987)
   Chris du Feu
   p. 72