Volume 2 - Issue 1 - Autumn 1969

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Mathematical competitions
   Margaret Hayman
   pp. 1–4

On the isoperimetric theorem: history and strategy
   G. Pólya
   pp. 5-7

An introduction to conversational computing
   Donald Michie
   pp. 7–14

Mathematical aspects of smoking
   P. Chadwick
   pp. 1421

Forecasting trends
   G. A. Waterson
   pp. 2224

Solving equations in the algebra of classes
   R. L. Goodstein
   pp. 2528

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 2931

Book review: Mathematics for the Liberal Arts Student by F. W. Richman,
   C. N. Walter, R. J. Wisner (Brookes-Cole Publishing, 1967)
   Hugh Neill
   p. 32

Book review: Mathematics on Vacation by J. S. Madachy
   (Thomas Nelson, 1968)
   J. A. Anderson
   p. 32

Notes on Contributors
   p. 33