Volume 20 - Issue 2 - January 1988

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Mathematical Spectrum awards for Volume 19
   p. 33

Pascal's triangle-and Bernoulli's and Vieta's
   A. W. F. Edwards
   pp. 33-37

You must remember this
   Keith Austin
   pp. 37-42

Pulling pi out of the hat
   Keith Devlin
   pp. 43-44

George Green-miller, mathematician and physicist
   L. J. Challis
   pp. 45-52

Computer column
   Mike Piff
   pp. 53-54

Letter to the Editor: Smith numbers
   Samuel Yates
   p. 55

Letter to the Editor: x + y  = z
   Mike Swain
   pp. 56-57

Letter to the Editor: Approximating n
   N. M. Irving, I. M. Richards, K. Sowley
   pp. 57-58

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 58-61

Book review: Littlewood's Miscellany
   Edited by B. Bollobás (Cambridge University Press)
   H. Burkill
   pp. 61-62

Book review: The Philosophy of Mathematics: An
   Introductory Essay by S. Koerner (Dover Publications, 1986) 
   Robin Knight
   p. 63

Book review: Turtle Geometry
   by H. Abelson, A. Di Sessa (MIT Press, 1980) 
   Mike Piff
   pp. 63-64

Book review: Topics in Applied Probability
   by P. W. Jones, P. Smith (Keele Mathematical Publications)
   J. Gani
   p. 64

Book review: Detailed Solutions to A-level Questions: 
   1. Pure Mathematics, 2. Applied Mathematics by D. Murray, D. Benjamin
   (Stanley Thornes (Publishers) Ltd, 1986)
   M. V. Bilsborrow
   p. 64