Volume 20 - Issue 1 - September 1987

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Ramanujan-his life and work
   Ray Hill
   pp. 1-8

Evaluating NBA basketball statistics
   A. Tan
   pp. 9-13

Interference in printing and in textile manufacture
   P. A. Firby
   pp. 1417

Prime arithmetic progressions
   David Barrow, Isobel Bush, Paul Taylor
   pp. 1820

Computer column
   Mike Piff
   pp. 20-21

Divisibility by 7
   pp. 21-22

Letter to the Editor: Problem 16.9
   John MacNeill
   p. 23

Letter to the Editor: Calendar Mathematicus
   Malcolm Smithers
   p. 23

Letter to the Editor: On sums of two powers II
   Malcolm Smithers
   pp. 24-26

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 27-29

Book review: Probability: an Introduction
   by G. Grimmett, D. Welsh (Clarendon Press, 1986)
   H. J. Godwin
   p. 30

Book review: The Fascination of Statistics
   Edited by R. J. Brook, G. C. Arnold, T. H. Hassard, R. M. Pringle
   (Macel Dekker, Inc, 1986)
   G. M. Constable
   pp. 30-31

Book review: Thirty Years That Shook Physics-The Story of
   Quantum Machanics by G. Gamow (1985)
   D. M. Burley
   p. 31

Book review: A Number for Your Thoughts
   by M. E. Lines (Adam Hilger Ltd, 1984)
   Joyce Porteous
   p. 32