Volume 18 - Issue 2 - January 1986

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Mathematical Spectrum awards for Volume 17
   p. 33

Prime beef
   K. Devlin
   pp. 33-34

A problem shared
   K. Austin
   pp. 35-39

Ampleforth's answers
   p. 40

The distributive law in geometry
   Guido Lasters
   p. 41

On a sequence of trees with Fibonacci weights
   John C. Turner
   pp. 42-46

The planning of regression studies
   Derek J. Pike
   pp. 47-54

Computer column
   Mike Piff
   pp. 54-56

Letter to the Editor: On sums of consecutive integers
   Joseph McLean
   p. 57

Letter to the Editor: Curious numbers
   Malcolm Smithers
   p. 58

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 58-61

Book review: The Biographical Dictionary of Scientists-Mathematicians
   Edited by D. Abbott (Blond Educational Publishers, 1985)
   H. J. Godwin
   p. 62

Book review: Charles Babbage-On the Principles and Development of
   the Calculator and Other Seminal Writings by Charles Babbage and 
   Others Edited by P. Morrison, E. Morrison (Constable & Co, 1985) 
   G. V. Wood
   pp. 62-63

Book review: Micro Maths. Mathematical Problems and Theorems
   to Consider and Solve on a Computer by K. Devlin (Macmillan) 
   H. J. Godwin
   pp. 63-64

Book review: Basic Numerical Methods
   by R E. Scraton (Edward Arnold (Publishers) Ltd, 1985)
   J. Ashmore
   p. 64