Volume 18 - Issue 1 - September 1985

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Geographical and population centres of nations
   A. Tan
   pp. 1-3

School mathematics in China
   Liu Zhiqing
   pp. 4-5

Stable matching problems
   Robert W. Irving
   pp. 614

Folding the perfect corner
   Natalie Angler
   pp. 1415

Family planning-a probabilistic approach
   D. J. Colwell, J. R. Gillett
   pp. 16-19

War games
   Richard L. Loebl
   pp. 20-24

Computer column
   Mike Piff
   p. 25

Letter to the Editor: Dividing by x
   Andrea Carlson
   p. 26

Letter to the Editor: Dividing by 7 or 13
   Bob Bertuello
   p. 26

Letter to the Editor: Consecutive positive cubes
   Peter Derlien
   p. 27

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 27-29

Book review: Microchip Mathematics: Number Theory for
   Computer Users by K. Devlin (Shiva Publishing Ltd, 1984)
   Peter Austin
   p. 30

Book review: Mathematics for Everyman
   by L. Buxton (J. M. Dent & Son Ltd, 1984) 
   F. J. Budden
   pp. 30-31

Book review: Mathematics: People, Problems, Results Volumes 1-3
   Edited by D. M. Campbell, J. C. Higgins (Wadsworth International, 1984) 
   Keith Austin
   p. 32