Volume 17 - Issue 3 - May 1985

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Logic-friend or foe?
   Keith Austin
   pp. 65-67

Mid-square sequences
   H. J. Godwin
   pp. 68-71

The best ways of living
   R. McNeill Alexander
   pp. 72-76

Mathematics of simple car-parking
   Anna E. Hart
   pp. 77-81

Computer column
   Mike Piff
   pp. 82-83

Choosing your error
   Evans W. Curry, Lawrence Hotchkiss, Derald Walling
   pp. 84-88

Letter to the Editor: Recurring decimals
   David Marks
   p. 89

Letter to the Editor: Integers round a circle
   H. Rindl
   pp. 89-90

Letter to the Editor: Polygons of maximum area
   P. L. Roe
   pp. 90-91

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 91-95

Book review: The Thread: A Mathematical Yarn
   by P. J. Davis (Harvester Press, 1983)
   C. J. Knight
   p. 95

Book review: Mathematics in Sport
   by M. S. Townend (John Wiley and Sons, 1984)
   E. A. Trowbridge
   pp. 95-96

Book review: The Paniverse
   by A. D. Dewdney (Picador, 1984)
   D. F. Roscoe
   p. 96