Volume 17 - Issue 2 - January 1985

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Mathematical Spectrum awards for Volume 16
   p. 33

The best viewing distance for highway signboards
   A. Tan
   pp. 33-35

Return of the prisoner paradox
   Keith Devlin
   pp. 36-39

Recurring decimals
   J. M. H. Peters
   pp. 40-41

Rotation by quaternions
   R. R. Martin
   pp. 42-48

The physics of boomerangs
   Robert J. O. Reid
   pp. 48-57

Computer column
   Mike Piff
   p. 58

Letter to the Editor: Relating to a proof of Pythagoras' theorem
   F. Chorlton
   p. 59

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 59-62

Book review: Teach Yourself Modern Mathematics
   by L. C. Pascoe (Hodder and Stoughton, 1984)
   F. J. Budden
   pp. 62-63

Book review: Statistics for Advanced Level Mathematics
   by I. G. Evans (Hodder and Stoughton, 1984) 
   Peter Holmes
   p. 63

Book review: Dual Models
   by M. J. Wenninger (Cambridge University Press, 1984)
   Eric Primrose
   p. 63

Book review: The Mathematical Experience
   by P. J. Davis, R. Hersh (Penguin Books Ltd, 1983)
   Mavis Hitchcock
   p. 64

Book review: Mathematical Magic Show
   by M. Gardner (Viking Penguin Inc, 1984)
   p. 64

Book review: Martin Gardner's Sixth Book of Mathematical
   Diversion and Martin Garnder's New Mathematical Diversions
   (University of Chicago Press, 1984)
   p. 64