Volume 16 - Issue 3 - May 1984

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Prime numbers and secret codes
   Keith Devlin
   pp. 65-67

   D. J. Colwwell, J. R. Gillett
   pp. 68-70

Short reasons why the impossible is impossible
   Keith Austin
   pp. 72-77

Beauty in mathematics
   C. F. Gardiner
   pp. 78-84

Minimum-area surfaces, soap films and soap bubbles
   Cyril Isenberg
   pp. 85-93

Computer column
   Michael Piff
   p. 94

Letter to the Editor: The proportions of quadratic equations
   with real and non-real roots
   J. L. G. Pinhey
   p. 96

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 96-98

Book review: Mathematics: The Loss of Certainty
   by M. Kline (Oxford University Press, 1983)
   Mavis Hitchcock
   p. 98

Book review: The Lady or the Tiger? and other Logical Puzzles
   by R. Smullyan (Penguin Books Ltd, 1983)
   R. Knight
   p. 99

Book review: Quotes, damned quotes, and ...
   compiled by J. Bibby 1983
   p. 99

Book review: Prelude to Mathematics
   by W. W. Sawyer (Dover Publications Inc, 1982)
   p. 99

Book review: Maths at Work
   by G. Howson, R. McClone (Heinemann Ltd, 1983)
   Peter Holmes
   p. 100

Book review: Rings, Fields and Groups
   by R. B. J. T. Allenby (Edward Arnold, 1983)
   D. W. Sharpe
   p. 100