Volume 15 - Issue 3 - May 1983

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   D. R. Green
   pp. 65-68

Would you believe it?
   Hazel Perfect
   pp. 69-76

Walking or running? When does lifting occur?
   E. A. Trowbridge
   pp. 77-81

Coupon collecting by computer
   Dermot Roaf
   pp. 82-85

Mathematical models in geography and planning: urban
   retail structure as an example
   A. G. Wilson
   pp. 86-90

Letter to the Editor: Roots of polynomials
   Joseph Hammer
   p. 91

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 91-94

Book review: Elementary Linear Algebra with Applications
   by A. Yaqub, H. G. Moore (Addison Wesley Publishing Co, 1980)
   A. O. Morris
   pp. 93-94

Book review: Introductory Linear Algebra, with Applications
   by B. Kolman (Collier Macmillan, 1980)
   A. O. Morris
   pp. 93-94

Book review: Modern Algebra: A Natural Approach, with Applications
   by C. F. Gardiner (John Wiley and Sons Ltd, 1981)
   A. O. Morris
   pp. 93-94

Book review: Precalculus Mathematics in a Nutshell
   by G. F. Simmons (William Kaufmann Inc, 1981)
   Hazel Perfect
   p. 95

Book review: Mathematical Puzzles
   by S. Ainley (Bell and Hyman Ltd, 1982)
   J. Porteous
   p. 95

Book review: A Pathway into Number Theory
   by R. P. Burn (Cambridge University Press, 1982)
   F. J. Budden
   p. 96

Book review: An Introduction to Mechanics and Modelling
   by D. G. Medley (Heinmann Eductional Books Ltd, 1982)
   A. M. Downs
   pp. 96-97

Book review: Studies in Mathematical Education
   Edited by R. Morris (UNESCO)
   P. Holmes
   p. 97

Index to Volumes 13-15
   pp. 98-100