Volume 15 - Issue 2 - January 1983

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Mathematical Spectrum award for Volume 14
   p. 33

A survey of mathematical puzzles III
   Keith Austin
   pp. 33-36

Continued fractions
   K. E. Hirst
   pp. 36-44

Minimum roadway problems
   Cyril Isenberg
   pp. 45-53

Is complex analysis useful?
   I. D. Macdonald
   pp. 53-57

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 58-61

Book review: The Creative Use of Calculators
   by J. P. Killingbeck (Penguin Books Ltd, 1981)
   J. Quinn
   pp. 62-63

Book review: Great Moments in Mathematics (Before 1650)
   by H. Eves (The Mathematical Association of America, 1980) 
   F. G. Ashurst
   p. 63

Book review: Diversions in Modern Mathematics
   by B. Lewis (Heinmann Educational Books Ltd, 1981)
   J. T. Heard
   p. 64

Book review: Basic Facts: Mathematics
   by C. Jones, P. Clamp (Collins, 1982)
   p. 64