Volume 15 - Issue 1 - September 1982

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A survey of mathematical puzzles II
   Keith Austin
   pp. 1-8

Roots of polynomials
   David Sharpe
   pp. 8-13

Some examples of distribution-free statistical tests
   B. M. Brown
   pp. 1418

Chaos and strange attractors
   G. Rowlands
   pp. 1926

Letter to the Editor: Parties and pies
   Bruce Andrews
   p. 27

Letter to the Editor: Close encounters of the Fermat kind
   Allan J. Maclean
   pp. 27-28

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 28-31

Book review: An Introduction to BASIC
   by M. R. Eagle (Bell & Hyman, 1981)
   Nigel Martin
   p. 32

Book review: 30 Hour BASIC
   by C. Prigmore (National Extension College, 1981) 
   Nigel Martin
   p. 32