Volume 14 - Issue 3 - May 1982

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Fame after death
   R. J. Webster
   pp. 65-69

Long live Kuratowski's theorem
   Victor Bryan
   pp. 69-71

The secretary problem
   Peter Freeman
   pp. 72-78

Algebra, machines and biology
   Michael Holcome
   pp. 79-88

Letter to the Editor: Mathematics and sport
   M. J. Maher
   p. 89

Letter to the Editor: The derivative of the characteristic
   polynomial of a matrix
   J. M. H. Peters
   pp. 89-90

Letter to the Editor: Inaccurate clocks
   Eric Hollan
   p. 90

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 91-93

Book review: What is the Name of this Book?
   by R. Smullyan (Penguin Books Ltd, 1981)
   Hugh Neill
   p. 93

Book review: Rethinking Mathematical Concepts
   by R. F. Wheeler (Ellis Horwood Ltd, 1981)
   Susan Woods
   pp. 93-94

Book review: Sets, Functions and Logic by K. J. Devlin
   (Chapman and Hall Ltd, 1981)
   I. Stokloe
   pp. 94-95

Book review: Statistics: A Foundation Course for Accountancy
   and Business Studies Students by S. Letchford
   (Gee & Co (Publishers) Ltd, 1980)
   S. King
   p. 95

Book review: The Mathematics of Games and Gambling
   by E. Packel (The Mathematical Association of America, 1981)
   A. F. Richards
   p. 95

Book review: Numerical Analysis: the Mathematics of Computing
   by W. A. Watson. T. Philipson, P. J. Oates 
   (Edward Arnold (Publishers) Ltd, 1981)
   M. V. Bradley
   p. 96

Book review: Mathematical Circus by M. Gardner
   (Pelican Books Ltd, 1981)
   H. Neill
   p. 96