Volume 14 - Issue 1 - September 1981

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A new cover for Mathematical Spectrum
   p. 1

Bonds of friendship
   Victor Bryant
   pp. 1-5

Mathematics in India in the Middle Ages
   Chandra B. Sharma
   pp. 68

How infectius diseases spread in households
   Niels Becker
   pp. 914

Blind student tests new computer equipment
   pp. 1415

Continuous transformation groups
   W. D. Halford
   pp. 1625

Letter to the Editor: Delivery costs minimised!
   David Griffiths
   p. 26

Letter to the Editor: Fermat's principle and curvature
   J. M. H. Peters
   pp. 27-28

Letter to the Editor: Mathematics: its stylistics and its ethics
   G. N. Copley
   p. 28

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 29-31

Book review: Mathematics: The Loss of Certainty
   by M. Kline (Oxford University Press, 1980)
   M. L. Cornelius
   p. 32

Book review: Mathematics: Problem Solving through Recreational
   Mathematics by B. Averbach, O. Chein (W. H. Freeman & Co Ltd, 1980) 
   K. Cross
   p. 32