Volume 13 - Issue 3 - May 1981

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The dawn of the computer age - the life and work
   of Alan Turing
   Keith Austin
   pp. 65-73

Odd binonomial coefficients
   D. G. Northcott
   pp. 74-76

A new paradox?
   David Singmaster
   p. 76

The bin-filling problem
   Michael Holcome
   pp. 77-79

When squares are triangles
   Doug Averis, David Sharpe
   pp. 80-83

Polyspermy: an example of mathematical
   modelling in biology
   Byron J. T. Morgan
   pp. 84-89

Letter to the Editor: The problem of Buffon's needle
   M. T. L. Bizley
   p. 90

Letter to the Editor: Desert island theorems
   J. L. G. Pinhey
   p. 90

Letter to the Editor: The series swindle
   C. W. Puritz
   p. 91

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 91-93

Book review: Finite Mathematics for Business, Social
   Sciences and Liberal Arts by L. M. Rotando 
   (Van Nostrand Reinhold Co Ltd, 1980)
   P. Mitchell
   p. 94

Book review: The Analysis of Time Series: An Introduction
   by C. Chatfield (Chapman and Hall, 1980)
   P. J. Diggle
   pp. 94-95

Book review: Calculus by J. Marsden, A. Weinstein
   (The Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Co Ltd, 1980)
   H. Neill
   p. 95

Book review: Calculus wth Analytical Geometry
   by J. B. Fraleigh (Addison-Wesley, 1980)
   H. Neill
   p. 95

Book review: The Sunday Times Book of Brain-Teasers
   by V. Bryant, R. Postill (Unwin Paperbacks, 1980)
   T. D. Ross
   p. 95

Book review: Adventures with your Pocket Calculator
   by L. Rade, B. A. Kaufmann (Pelican Books, 1980)
   H. Neill
   p. 96

Book review: The Penguin Book of Mathematical and
   Statistical Tables by R. D. Nelson (Pelican Books, 1980)
   H. Neill
   p. 96

Book review: International Bibliography of Journals in 
   Mathematical Education (1980)
   p. 96