Volume 13 - Issue 2 - January 1981

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Mathematical Spectrum Awards for Volume 12
   p. 33

The series swindle
   John Pym
   pp. 33-40

The birthday problem and biological research
   Susan R. Wilson
   pp. 40-43

Mathematics and sport
   David Burghes
   pp. 43-49

Stamps and coins: two partition problems
   C. M. Shiu, P Shiu
   pp. 49-55

Letter to the Editor: Desert island theorems
   Barry Christian
   p. 56

Letter to the Editor: Pythagorean numbers
   Bob Hale
   p. 57

Letter to the Editor: Two simple paradoxes
   H. S. Krishnaswamy
   pp. 57-58

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 5860

Book review: Reason by Numbers
   by P. G. Moore (Penguin Books, 1980)
   C. W. Puritz
   pp. 61-62

Book review: Catastrophe Theory
   by A. Woodcock, M. Davis (Penguin Books) 
   R. L. E. Schwarzenberger
   p. 63

Book review: A Structured Introduction to Numerical Mathematics
   by P. J. Hartley, A. Wynn-Evans (Stanley Thornes (Publishers) Ltd)
   K. M. Gilbert
   pp. 63-64

Book review: Applied Statistics with Probability
   by J. S. Milton, J. J. Corbet (D. Van Nostrand Company)
   P. Holmes
   p. 64