Volume 12 - Issue 1 - September 1979

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Relativity: from the special to the general theory
   H. Davies
   pp. 1-7

The schoolgirls problem 
   Norman L. Biggs
   pp. 7-11

An approach to independent sets
   Ray C. Shiflett, Harris S. Schultz
   pp. 1116

A computer program to play Othello
   W. F. B. Jones
   pp. 1724

Letter to the Editor: The Pythogorean theorem in three dimensions
   M. T. J. Bizley
   p. 25

Letter to the Editor
   J. D. Warwick
   pp. 2526

Letter to the Editor: A Bayesian look at the jury system
   D. Culpin
   p. 26

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 26-28

Book review: Exploratory Data Analysis by J. W. Tukey
   (Addison-Wesley Publishing  Co Inc, 1977)
   A. H. Seheult
   p. 28-30

Book review: Data Analysis and Regression by J. W. Tukey
   (Addison-Wesley Publishing Co Inc, 1977)
   A. H. Seheult
   p. 30

Book review: Mathematical Carnival by Martin Gardner
   (Penguin Books Ltd, 1978)
   C. J. J. Collier
   pp. 30-31

Book review: Proof in Mathematics by P. R. Baxandall, W. S. Brown,
   G. St. C. Rose, F. R. Watson(Inst of Education, University of Keele, 1978)
   William Wynne Willson
   p. 31

Book review: Mathematics: An Introduction to its Spirit and Use with 
   introductions by M. Kilne (W. H. Freeman and Co Ltd, 1979)
   F. A. Jackson
   pp. 31-32

Notes on Contributors
   p. 32