Volume 11 - Issue 3 - May 1979

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The four-colour theorem
   D. R. Woodall
   pp. 69-75

Computerised anthropology - finding and settling
   Polynesian islands
   R. L. Tweedie
   pp. 75-81

An old fable with a new twist
   Alex Russell
   pp. 82-83

Fictitious forces
   D. J. Roaf
   pp. 83-94

Letter to the Editor: The circular and hyperbolic functions
   E. Holland
   p. 95

Letter to the Editor: Prime numbers to base 7
   Neill Norman
   pp. 95-96

Letter to the Editor: Heronian triangles
   A. J. Granville
   pp. 96-97

Letter to the Editor: Vieta's calculation of π
   Jack Howlett
   p. 97

Letter to the Editor: The harmonic series
   Kevin Glazebrook
   pp. 98-99

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 100–101

Book review: Linear Algebra: an Introduction by A. O. Morris
   (Van Nostrand Reinhold Co Ltd, 1978)
   Hugh Neill
   p. 102

Book review: First Steps in Numerical Analysis
   by R. J. Hosking, D. C. Joyce, J. C. Turner (Hodder and Stoughton, 1978)
   M. V. Bradley
   p. 102

Book review: Geometric Symmetry by E. H. Lockwood, R. H. Macmillan
   (Cambridge University Press, 1978)
   Tom Willmore
   p. 103

Book review: Geometry and the Liberal Arts
   by D. Pedoe (Penguin Books, 1976)
   Hugh Neill
   p. 103

Book review: Student's Guide to Success
   by W. F. Cassie, T. Constantine (Macmillan Press, 1977)
   Joyce Pain
   p. 104

Notes on Contributors
   p. 104