Volume 11 - Issue 2 - January 1979

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Mathematical Spectrum Awards for Volume 10
   p. 33

The 20th International Mathematical Olympiad
   John Hersee
   pp. 33-35

Vieta's iterative process for π, with errors
   David Kent
   pp. 36-41

A biologist's magic urn
   W. J. Ewens
   pp. 4144

A Bayesian look at the jury system
   J. W. Hille
   pp. 45-47

Board polynominals and some of their applications
   B. L. Burrows, R. F. Talbot
   pp. 48-57

Letter to the Editor: Heronian triangles
   David Singmaster
   pp. 58-59

Letter to the Editor: The Pythagorean theorem in three dimensions
   A. M. Khidr
   p. 60

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 6165

Book review: An Introduction to University Mathematics
   by J. L. Smyrl (Hodder and Stoughton, 1978)
   J. Hunter
   pp. 65-66

Book review: Vectors: Pure and Applied
   by D. Holland, T. Treeby (Edward Arnold (Publishers) Ltd, 1978) 
   T. J. Heard
   pp. 66-67

Book review: Numerical Analysis - A First Year Course
   by R. F. Churchhouse (Christopher Davies (Publishers) Ltd, 1978)
   J. Coleman
   p. 67

Book review: A Basic Course in Statistics  
   by G. M. Clarke, D. Cooke (Edward Arnold (Publishers) Ltd, 1978)
   G. E. Skipworth
   pp. 67-68

Notes on Contributors
   p. 68