Volume 1 - Issue 1 - Autumn 1968

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   The Editorial Committee
   pp. 1-2

An external problem in elementary geometry
   R. J. Webster
   pp. 3-6

Where shall we build it?
   F. Benson
   pp. 69

Whodunit? Or the Reverend Mr Bayes FRS helps
   to decide
   J. Gani
   pp. 913

Mathematics and the physical world
   G. T. Kneebone
   pp. 1316

Professor Pólya on intuition and learning
   p. 16

Computers and their uses
   J. Howlett
   pp. 1621

From rule of thumb to abstract structure
   L. Mirsky
   pp. 2124

   M. J. Lighthill
   pp. 2528

   p. 29

Letter to the Editor
   Richard Morton
   p. 30

Letter to the Editor
   A. K. Austin
   pp. 3031

Notes on Contributors
   p. 31