Volume 10 - Issue 2 - January 1978

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Mathematical Spectrum Awards for Volume 9
   p. 37

The 19th International Mathematical Olympiad
   T. J. Heard
   pp. 37-39

Isaac Newton - an anniversary
   Hazel Perfect
   pp. 39-43

How many bird territories are there on a farm? A
   statistical approach to an ornithological problem
   Philip M. North
   pp. 4448

A calculus paradox
   P. Shiu
   pp. 48-52

Animal mathematics
   W. D. Collins
   pp. 52-58

Letter to the Editor: String figures
   Philip D. Noble
   pp. 59-60

Letter to the Editor: Latin squares and magic squares
   K. H. Yim
   pp. 61-63

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 6365

Book review: The VNR Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics
   Edited by W. Gellert, H. Küstner, M. Hellwich, H. Kästner 
   (Van Nostrand Reinhold Co Ltd, 1977)
   T. J. Heard
   pp. 65-66

Book review: Introductory Statistics: a Decision Map
   by T. R. Harshbarger (Collier MacMillan, 1977) 
   G. E. Skipworth
   p. 66

Book review: Probability and Statistical Inference
   by R. V. Hogg, E. A. Tanis (Collier MacMillan, 1977)
   G. E. Skipworth
   pp. 66-67

Book review: Further Mathematical Diversions 
   by M. Gardner (Penguin Books Ltd, 1977)
   H. Neill
   p. 67

Book review: A Survey of Modern Algebra (fourth edition)
   by G. Birkhoff, S. Maclane (Collier Macmillan, 1977)
   p. 67

Notes on Contributors
   p. 68