Volume 10 - Issue 1 - September 1977

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Graphs and convex polygons
   J. G. Brennan
   pp. 1-6

Mathematics in the service of computer programming 
   M. D. Atkinson
   pp. 6-11

On extracting square roots of perfect-square numbers
   by inspection
   S. Bookchin, M. Lewin
   pp. 1215

More on Heronian triangles
   John Strange
   pp. 1524

Letter to the Editor: The general quartic
   John R. Ramsden
   pp. 25-26

Letter to the Editor: The area of a polygon
   G. F. A. Hoffmann de Visme
   pp. 2627

Letter to the Editor: Proportions of identical and fraternal twins
   A. V. Boyd
   pp. 2829

Letter to the Editor: Calculation of π to 99 decimal places
   John S. Hampton
   pp. 2930

Letter to the Editor: Euler's formulae for rational Heronian triangles
   A. D. Sands
   pp. 3031

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 31-34

Book review: Calculus Applicable by School Council Sixth Form
   Mathematics Project (Heinemann Educational Books Ltd, 1976)
   T. R. Ferguson
   p. 34

Book review: Functions of a Complex Variable by D. O. Tall
   (Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1977)
   J. Boulton
   p. 35

Book review: Statistical Theory by B. W. Lindgren
   (Collier-MacMillan, 1976)
   P. Holmes
   p. 35

Notes on Contributors
   p. 36