Subscription Prices for 2018

Prices in US and Australian dollars have been calculated on the basis of exchange rate information available early in 2017, but will be held fixed during 2018 irrespective of subsequent fluctuations. Our prices are inclusive of surface mail postage. We only sell subscriptions per volume, not single issues.  An invoice will only be sent if requested.

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The Mathematical Scientist Volume 43
ISSN 0312-3685


(10% discount deducted)
Pounds Sterling 14.40 16.00 16.00
US dollars 22.95 25.50 25.50
Aus dollars 24.75 27.50 27.50


Additional costs for Airmail postage: Europe £2.00 Rest of World £5.00
Postage in US$ and A$ are to be calculated at current exchange rates.

Order and payment in pounds sterling may be made online.

Payment by cheque in pounds sterling, US or Australian dollars and made payable to THE MATHEMATICAL SCIENTIST. Visa and Mastercard payments are also welcome. Please provide the card number, expiry date, three digit security code and the name and address of the cardholder as recorded by the credit card company.

Orders with payment should be sent to:

The Mathematical Scientist (SUBSCRIPTIONS)
Applied Probability
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School of Mathematics and Statistics
The University of Sheffield
S3 7RH

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