About Us

The Applied Probability Trust is a not-for-profit foundation for study and research in the mathematical sciences, founded in 1964 with the initial support of the London Mathematical Society. The Trust has been associated with the School of Mathematics and Statistics at The University of Sheffield since 1965, and this is the site of the Trust’s editorial office.

Current Trustees of the APT
S. Asmussen (Universitet Aarhus)
N. Bean (University of Adelaide)
J. Dai (Cornell University)
D. J. Daley (Australian National University)
P. W. Glynn (Stanford University)
C. Goldschmidt (Oxford University)
R. van der Hofstad (Eindhoven University of Technology)
I. Molchanov (University of Bern)
P. G. Taylor (University of Melbourne)

Publications of the Trust